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MyQRLife adds an extra security for yourself and your loved ones.

The bracelet that protects your life.

Quick and Easy

Activate your ID, fill your data and you are already safe.

Your data in a safe place

Your data is protected. We use SSL certificates.

24h Support

Contact our staff for any enquiries.

Over the World

Access to your data in any part of the world.


Secure, Easy and Durable

MyQRLife is an innovative bracelet for your safety and that of your children and your pets. QR code contains all the information you need to provide adequate assistance in emergencies and it can be viewed with any smartphone or tablet. Suitable for family, for children, the elderly and our animals domestisci.

Your voice in case of an emergency

Each bracelet has a unique QR code that reaches a predefined profile. Our sophisticated system allows you to upload any documents you believe in your profile ID MyQRLife like certificates, insurance, etc, so in case of an emergency, will be available immediately.

Protect your best friend

For pets MyQRLife bracelet would allow someone that found your dog (that has a smartphone) to scan the code and instantly have access to information about your pet. Such as multiple phone numbers, medical issues, whatever you want. You can store multiple contact information or you and other people you would want contacted if your pet was found.

piĆ¹ info

MyQRLife lets you:

  • Save all your vital information in one place
  • Upload medical records that you will need in an emergency
  • See all of your information with a small gesture
  • Providing more contact information to help your loved one in an easy way
  • Provide vital medical information such as allergies, diseases, etc.
  • Edit your personal information easily and repeatedly 24/7/365
  • Feel safe always and make safe your loved ones

Main Features

MyQRLife ID can contain all the information that you will want to check and it caters to families, children, the elderly and for our pets.

Biographical References

All personal references that will help you in an emergency. Information, contacts, medical info, etc.


Your phone always ready, your phone numbers and that of the person to call in an emergency.

Portable Documents

Upload all kinds of documents, medical certificates, insurance, information about the diagnostic process or gestation, therapy, photos of recipes and/or requirements.

Blood Group

Identify your blood group has never been so easy. Every minute counts in an emergency.

Diagnostic Process

Your medical records, your physician, your diagnosis, medical conditions, medications you take, your allergies and immunizations..

Family Doctor

Information from your general practitioner, name and contacts that could be used in an emergency.

How does that work?

The identification of QR code is accessible worldwide! If you're running, cycling, while doing sports, when you're on vacation. There are so many situations where MyQRLife may be helpful. The bracelet is made of silicone, hypoallergenic and water resistant, so you can take it with you with no hassles. Enter the contact details of your relatives and major health information useful to lend you aid: blood type, allergies, intolerances. In an emergency, thanks to IDSafe, healthcare providers will be able to lend you a suitable rescue!


Find the QR code located on the metal plate bracelet.

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Scan the QR code with your smartphone.

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Displays medical information and emergency contacts.

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Our Products

Silicone bracelet with double locking is ideal for adults and children, strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions.
these stylish bracelets are made with a strip of silicone and stainless steel plate. A standard format and easily adjustable.
can be customized with your logo or brand.


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